works We develop Social, Casual games on mobile platform.

  • Games

    Jelly Mon

    Jelly Mon is a brain-teasing pattern-based puzzle game complete with vibrant graphics, intuitive controls and outstanding soundtracks. The underlying gameplay is matchstick puzzle with dynamic hints and solution check feature, never before seen on any similar game.

  • Games

    Zombie Strike

    Cosonle quality game on mobile platform. 3D surival shooting game with stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects.

  • Games

    Flower Village

    This game is especially designed for those who love to watch things grow and nurture them along with kindness and love. "Flower Village" is all about getting color into your lives and yards.

  • Games

    Battle Invasion

    The game is challenging the player mind and ability to lead armies to victory the game contains different types of levels which will be harder the more missions is completed.
    There is a selection of different types of units to be deployed as either defense or to attack the enemy.

  • Telecom Apps

    Erlang Calculator

    A simple, comprehensive user friendly "Erlang Calculator" for use by professionals in the Telecommunications industry.
    Supports the full range of Erlang calculations including Erlang B, Erlang C, Poisson, Engset, Binomial & Delay.

  • Security Apps

    iSecure ™ Password Pictures and Data Vault

    Encrypted Information and Photo's Vault that secures your important information including; Lifestyle information, Passwords, Notes, Pictures, Contacts, Reminders,

  • Educational Apps

    Wolfy and Weasely

    Legal Practice In Brief's Wolfy and Weasely series provides you with a fun way to review basic legal principals, whether you are a law student or you've already passed the bar exam.

  • Social Apps


    Chat with Facebook friends using this app. We used XMPP to implement the chat feature.

  • Business Apps

    Prototype : EasyPark

    Made for Sweden based company to be used in Stockholm. The app helps find you a suitable parking by giving scheduled crowd gathering information to the user.

  • Business Apps

    Prototype : Virtual Estate

    Made for real estate sell/rent business. You can search for apartments like traditional apps/sites. You can also view real-time 3D view of the virtual apartment from this app and walk through the apartment.

  • Educational Apps

    Punjabi School

    Let's learn Punjabi with the Punjabi School app! Simply scroll through the letters with the swipe of a finger or choose letters at random to test yourself or others. You can also explore how different letters join together to form words.

  • Business Apps

    Plant Picker

    An app on home gardening. You can pick your plant based on the lights you get in your place. The plant suggestion also supports daytime and seasons.

  • Educational Apps

    Answer Buddy

    Learn or revise facts with the Answer Buddy App. Enter words, pictures or photos to create questions and answers.

  • Educational Apps

    Alchoholics Anonymous

    A Reference to the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book." Published by The Anonymous Press

  • Business Apps

    Night Watch

    A book written to help people to interpret and understand the revelation they receive through dreams and visions.

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